An evaluation of the impact of community-based interventions on hospital use

STEVENTON Adam, et al
Nuffield Trust
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An evaluation by researchers at the Nuffield Trust examined whether interventions designed to prevent unplanned admissions to hospital achieved a reduction in hospital use. The evaluation was conducted using a person based, risk-adjusted approach, with individual-level data and comparisons to matched control patients. The 8 selected interventions formed part of the Partnership for Older People Projects initiative funded by the Department of Health (a series of projects run by local authorities in partnership with local primary care trusts and representatives of the voluntary, community and independent sectors). The report describes the background and methods used, and the observed differences in hospital utilisation between the intervention groups and matched controls. When compared to matched control groups, the researchers did not find evidence of a reduction in emergency hospital admissions associated with any of the interventions studied. They discuss the findings and their implications, noting that the approach used in the study is novel and relatively inexpensive, and suggest that NHS commissioners should consider using person based risk-adjusted evaluation to test whether preventive care interventions are effectively avoiding hospital admissions.

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hospitals, intervention, older people, hospital admission, prevention, community health care, evaluation, outcomes;
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