A review of the dementia research landscape and workforce capacity in the United Kingdom

MARJANOVIC Sonja, et al
Rand Europe
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The report presents an independent review of the United Kingdom’s capacity in dementia research. The study had two core aims: (i) to improve understanding of the strengths and limitations of the UK dementia research landscape, and (ii) to examine the opportunities and challenges associated with dementia research careers in the United Kingdom, including key bottlenecks in the careers of researchers. The review draws on a bibliometric analysis of UK dementia research using publication data to assess research performance vis-à-vis global benchmarks, based on citation impact; (ii) a pilot investigation tracing the current position of people who have completed their PhDs in a dementia-related topic in the UK; (iii) in-depth interviews with diverse stakeholders. The findings suggest that the UK has already displayed global leadership in diverse areas of dementia research. It is producing influential outputs, and is likely to be punching above its weight in many dementia research topics, given investment levels. However, there are also substantial challenges that need to be addressed to help nurture a sustainable and vibrant dementia research workforce, and international excellence in UK dementia research. The report makes a number of recommendations, including: supporting career progression and skills development; ensuring long-term sustainability of research centres; supporting collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects; prioritisation in research portfolios; and learning from evaluation. (Edited publisher abstract)

Subject terms:
dementia, research, research centres, research skills, staffing levels;
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United Kingdom
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