A chance to change: delivering effective parenting programmes to transform lives: report

BROWN Elena Rosa, KHAN Lorraine, PARSONAGE Michael
Centre for Mental Health
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Severe behavioural problems affect about 5% of children under 11, with a further 15% suffering from less serious problems. These problems have a tendency to persist over time and are associated with a range of adverse long-term outcomes. A strong body of research demonstrates the effectiveness of a range of family-based programmes in preventing or treating these problems. However, many are failing to deliver their full promise because of shortcomings in implementation. This report sets out the findings of the first phase of a project on early intervention for children with behavioural problems. Its purpose is to identify and analyse the key factors that determine the successful delivery and implementation of evidence-based interventions and the main barriers that currently hamper such efforts. It is based on 3 methods: a review of published research; detailed fieldwork involving interviews with parents and other stakeholders in 4 areas; and a national survey completed by 140 parenting leads. The findings are organised under the following themes: scale of provision and targeting; identifying need and seeking help; referral; engagement; recruitment and practitioner skill; delivering programmes as intended; and the strategic infrastructure. These findings will be used in the next phase of this project to develop practical means of improvement.

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parental skills training, research implementation, behaviour problems, children, early intervention, evidence-based practice;
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