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Help searching Social Care Online

Search Social Care Online using the standard search or the advanced search.

Using Social Care Online: an overview

View or download 'Social Care Online: an overview (ppt)' powerpoint presentation providing an overview of the key features of Social Care Online and how to use them.

Standard search

  • Type your search query into the search box. The drop down list offers suggestions for you to use or you can use your own search words.
  • Search results are ranked by relevance and the search terms used are highlighted in the results
  • You can refine your search results by the following criteria: full text, format type, content type, publication year, subject term, author, editor, location.

Hint: When searching for an author, type the author’s surname in first.

Note: " " (speech marks) indicate that a phrase search will be carried out, e.g . “dementia care”

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Get help: standard search guide (PDF file)

Advanced search

  • Login or register to use advanced search.
  • Advanced search allows you to build up complex search queries, save searches, export search results and set up email alerts.

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Viewing search results

Each record has a symbol to indicate the type of resource it is and if it freely available or not.

Free resource

Journal articles: Articles from journals (peer-reviewed and non peer reviewed), magazines and newsletters.

Books: Books and reports available in print or online via the internet. Includes commercially published material, government publications, research reports, pamphlets, and briefing papers.

Digital media: Multi-media and none print media eg. SCIE SCTV films, e-learning material and interactive online resources. CDs and DVDs are also included.

Extended abstract: This type of abstract gives more detail and is structured using the headings: summary, method, contents, conclusion(s) and references; and in the case of systematic reviews additional information includes: context, authors' conclusions and implications for policy and practice.

Journal: Journal records provide a short description of the coverage of a title and provide a link to the home page of the journal, magazine or newsletter when available.

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