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Social Care Online and accessibility

SCIE is committed to making Social Care Online accessible to all users, regardless of physical, economic or technological circumstances.

If you have any problems using this website please look at the information in the Help section. If you do not find the information you need there, please email us (

How do I make the text bigger so that it is easier for me to read?

Click on the Resize text buttons at the top of each page to change the text size. You can also use your web browser to increase the size of page (by zooming in) or to change the default text size.

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How do I move around the site without using a mouse?

You can use the Tab key to move between links and between sections of a form on this website. Holding down the Shift key and pressing Tab will move you back up the page.

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Accessibility resources

You can find a list of tools and resources that will help you use this site on the SCIE website.

Give us your feedback

Social Care Online continues to be developed in response to user feedback.

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